Carbon Reduction Challenge

An initiative of the GT College fo Sciences and Ray C. Anderson Center for Sustainable Business at Georgia Tech, in collaboration with the Georgia Climate Project


Get started with your carbon reduction project.


Dr. Beril Toktay and Kjersti Lukens

7 min

Dr. Samantha Wilson and Jairo Garcia

25 min

 Slides- Intro Climate Basics PPT

Final expo

CRC Team

Use this template to write up the results of your in-depth survey.

Here are examples of well-written final reports that show the level of detail we are looking for:

CRC Team

Use this template to make a short presentation about your carbon reduction project. Feel free to customize the look and feel of your presentation.

CRC Team

We’ll use these criteria to evaluate your project and announce the winners!

CRC Team

Check out these tips to make a great poster to showcase your work.