Carbon Reduction Challenge

Summer 2022

Carbon Reduction Challenge

That’s a wrap! Thank you to our participants for developing projects that reduce carbon dioxide emissions and save money.

The Carbon Reduction Challenge is a competition focused on empowering students to become part of the climate change solution. Students work with an organization on a project that achieves significant reductions in carbon emissions and yields cost savings.

For students

After learning about drivers of climate change and concepts of sustainable business, students work with organizations to develop projects that can reduce CO2 emissions and save money. At the end of the semester, students gather to present their work and compete to see who had the most impactful projects.

Student presenting at the Summer 2017 Carbon Reduction Challenge
Students in a classroom

For faculty

Faculty can add climate change lessons and a Carbon Reduction Challenge component to their coursework. We provide resources such as lecture slides, syllabi, and readings that can be used in lesson planning. We also provide resources to facilitate the development of carbon reduction challenge projects, such as a database with descriptions of past projects.

For organizations

Organizations seeking to save money and improve their environmental impact can participate in the Challenge. We provide resources to support companies and institutions that wish to add a Carbon Reduction Challenge component to their student internship and co-op programs.

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